Tuesday, August 18, 2009


we have a building at church called The Corner (it's caddy-corner to the church). we use it for all children under the age of 3 during services, Veritas (the college group) on monday nights and various meetings. well, because the room is a multiple purpose, we don't put up anything that can't be taken down every week. i was tired of my boring room for the kids, so i decided to add some color! i found these fabulous curtains at bed bath and beyond and purchased matching tissue paper to make pom-poms (thank you Martha Stewart). i LOVE these curtains for the corner because they are fun and vibrant and NOT pastels, which so many kid/baby stuff is. here it is...

loving my new curtains and tissue-poms!!!
poms in progress
love this color combo
my fabulous helpers Alyson
and Jenn
poms decorate the room for a meeting
and the kids love them too!
i heart them!!!!


  1. SO cute! Great idea; you are so creative. :)


  2. very cute ! you were trained well - I think I should be thanked along with Martha! Remember the clouds for your 16th?