Sunday, April 12, 2009

a tweet baby shower

My friend Sara and I had the honor of throwing our friend Alaina a baby shower a few weeks ago. I love throwing parties and I had a few themes I wanted to try, but we decided with a bird theme and it turned out super tweet- i mean, sweet :) here are some pics from the party...

Sara, Alaina, Me

Elisha, Alaina's sister-in-law, made these FABULOUS invitations! i gave her the wording and kind of an idea of what i wanted, but they turned out so much better than what i had hoped for. yay Elisha!

Oh and for fun we put bird seeds in the envelope with the invite, haha.

Here is our food buffet, i'm in love with it! I purchased those cherry blossom branches from bath and body works a few years ago and they just make my heart happy.

Alaina's mom made all the desserts and they were delish! She made cake pops and her inspiration came from the same source as me :) see my cake pops here.

We had the shower a few weeks before Easter, so we tried to stay away from too much Easter-ish stuff, but how could we resist some peeps! i think the lavender peeps on the branch turned out super cute.

Bobbie made these cute nest out of rice crisps and then we filled them with candy eggs and gummy worms.

We had an extra dish, so we filled it with bird seeds, peeps and worms.

Bobbie also made the moss nests that we placed on cake stands for the center pieces and filled with candy. trust me, we had plenty of sugar for the evening!

Yummy pink lemonade

Here is my cute pink bird i found at the dollar tree.

Present time with obaby (aka bingo)

We ended the evening with prayer and...

...jumping on the trampoline!

So excited for the Guido family and i can't wait to me the new baby!


  1. What a fabulous job you did !! Love the cherry blossoms - you really have a gift Honey
    Love you !!

  2. So creative! I agree it's a gift and you are definitly using it for His glory!!!

  3. oh my gosh carrie! not gonna lie, i hadn't read your blog in a while, so i just sat here and caught up with're amazing!!! i am continually stunned by your creativity! you could make a living off of all your ideas!! i love it!!!

  4. this was definitely one of THE cutest baby showers i've ever been to!

  5. It was such a wonderful shower! I am so blessed to have such creative and awesome friends.