Monday, March 30, 2009

cake pops

one of my creative projects this weekend was to make cake pops for izzi's birthday. 
i met izzi in california a few years ago from a mutual friend and she just celebrated her 13th birthday! 

now you may be asking yourself, what is a cake pop?  well, quite a while ago (back when i lived in cali and actually had cable) i saw an episode of martha stewart and she had a gal on the show who goes by bakerella who makes cupcake pops (you can see a portion of the episode here).   
i've been wanting to make these for a long time and izzi's birthday was the perfect opportunity! here's how to make the pops...

bake a cake, any flavor

crumble the cake up into very fine pieces

empty one can of frosting into the bowl if crumbled cake

mix cake and frosting until fully combined

form the cake into balls and freeze for 15ish min or put them in the fridge for a few hours

after many failed attempts to cover them completely in melted white chocolate i gave up and put them on a rack and spooned the choc on top and let it slide down. 
then i sprinkled them with hot pink sanding sugar 
(which was perfect because the colors of the party were black, white and hot pink).

i purchased a foam circle from the dollar store and painted it black, then put a ribbon around it and used stickers to write happy birthday. 

i placed the cake on lollipop sticks and placed them in the foam circle at different heights. 

they didn't quite turn out exactly how i wanted, 
but i think the final product turned out pretty stinkin cute. 

in all honesty, i didn't really like how they tasted. 
they were just too sweet for me, 
but other people seemed to like them. 

liv sure did :)


  1. Yours look exactlly like a little cake carousel! It takes talent to make cake look even more fun than usual.

    With ya on the taste, they were too sweet to be interesting to the taste buds.

  2. This is so cute - love the presentation. Regarding the sweetness - youcan modify that with your own frosting - less sugar. Wow - how did you ever get so creative?

  3. very nice if ya asked me!! thanks for sharing,Amy