Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hunt and Cut - 2011

My FAVORITE Montana tradition is cutting down a Christmas tree
(my California trees were usually purchased at Target).

We call this wonderful day
"Hunt and Cut"

and this year I made a special treat for the event....
Candy melt pretzel trees on coconut cupcakes!

Here's how to do it...
Gather all supplies- pretzel sticks, Candy Melts, a small zip-lock, and cupcakes.  

1. Prepare the Candy Melts according to the directions and place it in a small zip-lock bag.
Then, cut the tip off the corner of the bag (better to start with a small snip and make it bigger if needed).
2. Make a small strip of candy melts on wax paper (a little over half the length of the pretzel).
3. Place a pretzel rod on top of the candy melt strip. 
4. Starting at the top of the pretzel lightly squeeze the bag and create "branches".
5. Cross over the pretzel to the other side and....
6. Create "branches" on the other side.

7. Let the trees dry.
8. Place tree in a cupcake (I made coconut cupcakes to look like snow) and TA-DA!!

A forest of trees!

These would also be fun to decorate with sprinkles and other colors of Candy Melts.
I kept them all natural... just like the tree I chopped!


  1. You are awesome! I totally want to feature this on my blog tomorrow. Is that okay? I will credit and link back to you. :)


  2. Jenifer, of course! It would be an honor.

  3. These are so clever! We do "crafty Fridays" at our home with our kids' friends. We will definitely make these closer to Christmas with them to share with their families!!