Monday, September 20, 2010

Vintage Whites Market

Have you ever found something that you were so excited about that you wanted to tell everyone? But on the other hand you didn't want to tell a soul, so that you could keep it all to yourself? Well, that is exactly how I felt last month after visiting the Vintage Whites Market.

My dear friend Sara called me and told me about it and asked if I wanted to go and I'm so glad I said yes!!! We woke up super early, well for a Saturday, packed a breakfast and headed to Somers. The line had already formed, so we quickly jumped in and waited till 9am when the market opened.

Pretty sunflowers in the neighborhood.

Ella eating scones.

Peaches. Emma is such an intense eater, it's adorable.

Sara saw an add for the market on craigslist and there was a $20 gift certicficate to the market for the 1st person in line and a fabric rosette for the next 9 people. We weren't 1st, but we didn't even care anymore once we got there and found out the girl who got there 1st had been there since 7:45. We were 4th and 5th :)

Here's the line of people.

The market is at an adorable house.

They also sell yummy baked goods.

They have a white truck parked on the highway directing people to the market.

Here's me and my treasures! I absolutely love everything I purchased (an old Pepsi bottle crate, a glass jar with wooden aqua lid and a white pedestal bowl).

Needless to say we couldn't wait to go back next month (they only have it once a month which I think is genius!)!!!

The days and weeks passed and Sara and I laughed at how excited we were to go back and how if we were going to buy something we would weigh it against buying something at VWM. Basically we're obsessed.

So this past Saturday we woke up early and headed to Somers, but this time with friends. Yes, we told people about it, we're such good friends ;-)

We had quite the crew and we even braved the rain.

This time I only purchased a new jar, but it was still so fun to go!

Oh, I also purchased a cookie for Sara and I since last time I purchased cookies for us, they mysteriously disappeared... seriously.

Afterwards we all went to Buns by the Lake for breakfast. It was a gloomy, but fantastic Saturday morning.

Counting down till next month!!!