Sunday, September 26, 2010

Smitten for My Mittens

When my mom came to visit me a few weeks ago she gave me a pair of adorable mittens. She then informed me that not only did she make them, but she made them out of wool sweaters... WHAT?!?!

She is selling these beauties and had an order for 24 pairs by the end of the month, so we shopped and shopped and shopped!

She then washes and cuts up the sweaters or vice versa, whatevs.

My mom has so many good ideas! She told me to use the neckline for a headband, ghetto fab.

So many sweaters!

A whole suitcase full!!!

BUT then there were mittens!

They are lined with removable fleece, so they are nice and warm and NOT itchy.

Took some pictures for my mom up at Glacier.
Maybe I've missed my calling as a mitten model??? HA!

I should have bundled in a big winter jacket or waited till some snow was on the ground, but ce la vie!
Mom, Ang and I tried to guess how many sweaters she purchased and I won with a total of 34 (I guessed 37).

LOVE my momma and LOVE my mittens!


  1. You are my biggest fan - and I am yours!

  2. What a great idea! They are so cute, and so green- I love it! Your mom is so creative!
    Also love that you took the photos in Glacier... I miss my Glacier- such sweet memories!
    stay warm;)

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  4. I want some too...seriously, how much??? BTW...LOVE the apron your mom is wearing in the photo above. Whoever made that totally rocks! HA! ;)

  5. cool mittens!!
    your mom is the best!!