Friday, February 20, 2009

oreo cupcakes

after opening up my new kitchen aid, i was dying to bake some cupcakes!
it was my friend heidi's birthday and a co-worker was leaving, so i decided to make some cupcakes for the occasions. i made oreo cupcakes and rocky road. they both turned out really well in my opinion, but i only documented the oreo cupcake extravaganza. here you go...

liners in the pan
split the oreos and put them in the liners cream side up

oreos waiting to be ...
put in the ingredients
more mixing
mix in the oreos
the batter
captain elisha hook
oreo on the bottom
look at those tasty oreo pieces in the cupcake
oreo frosting
so pretty
packed up in the cupcake courier
now it's time to clean the kitchen :(

these cupcakes turned out to be one of my new favorites!


  1. Hi. My google reader recommended your blog and I love it! So cute. I have a friend who makes those oreo cupcakes and they're super delish, the oreo at the bottom is such a great surprise!