Wednesday, January 28, 2009

birthday fun

it was Jennie's birthday a few weeks ago and we had a fun afternoon of just hanging out and eating yummy food with family and friends. 

for dessert i thought it would be fun to let everyone decorate their own cupcake. here are some pics.

if you need a creative party idea, i encourage you to try it! it's really fun and delicious :)

the birthday girl and her cupcake creation

sara anxiously awaits making a cupcake

no homemade frosting this time




ella decided to have celery instead of a cupcake

eli pretty much created the works on a cupcake, a little bit of everything

sara helps emma and jen helps liv make a cupcake

emma does scrunchy face and it cracks me up!

this was my creation. it may not look pretty, but it tasted great. vanilla cake, vanilla filling, lemon, chocolate, rainbow chip and cherry frosting with sprinkles on top! a masterpiece!!!

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