Thursday, December 18, 2008

decorated tree

finally pictures of my fabulous Christmas tree!

elisha came up with thte great idea of having a black and white tree and i love it! 
here is me with our tree (yes, i match the tree. i have such issues)

elisha and michael spike (he was named after michael jackson and spike, well, that's obvious)

the base is my favorite. i love bows and ribbon and polka dots. 

pretty snowflakes

elisha being a woman of many talents made these origami cranes

here is the tree in a brighter light. notice the gifts under the tree match? 
i told you i have issues :)

also, if you're reading this in Reader, stop. go visit my real blog and see how cute it looks and how it matched my tree!


  1. it's wonderful - the legacy lives on...and I love the cranes.

  2. I LOVE your tree! It's my favorite of all the christmas tree's I have seen this season. Great job. :)

  3. sorry I always do that. This is alaina.

  4. and I also like your new blog. very cool.

  5. Your tree looks so wonderful!!! Very classic in ole' rustic Montana.

    Our tree in my home is always 'done up' by the children. I used to have 'issues' too. I would go after them and rearrange the decorations to balance the tree out - then they realized one day that I moved things and were upset that I didn't like the way they did it. I have never changed a thing since!

    I wish you could see the trees we have at Providence Home - both of them are Angel trees and so very beautiful!!!

    Still - your tree rocks!