Thursday, December 18, 2008

costco cupcakes

i was at costco a while back and saw these amazing boots (too bad they are for kids)

then i saw this amazing cupcake party set! i'm not going to lie, i totally want one.
i don't care if its suppose to be for kids, it looks amazing. it has super cute liners and plates. 

AND i saw this cupcake make deluxe set! you place a cupcake on the tray and it spins as it dispenses frosting, thus making a perfect swirl. wow. 

just when i thought costco was full of cupcake fun, i found this book, If  You Give A Cat A Cupcake. it is by the author of the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie which i LOVE 
(in fact i still have it and when my friends kids come over it's in the basket of toys they play with). Now, i'm not a huge fan of cats, but i can totally over look it if the cat likes cupcakes :)

oh and they had edible cupcakes too. 
i've always loved costco, i remember going with my dad as a kid and we would always go around lunch time to get a hot dog. after this visit, i love costco on a whole other level. 
a cupcake sort of level. 

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  1. You HAVE to get the book - that was always my favorite book too. It made so much sense!