Sunday, March 27, 2011

Parisian Baby Shower

I recently had the honor of collaborating with my friend Crystal to throw an AMAZING
baby shower for her friend Leah. 
Leah loves all things French, 
so a Parisian baby shower was definitely in order 
(check out her blog here).
Cary, Leah, Crystal & Myself

Here are some of the fun details from 
this FABULOUS evening.
Be forewarned, this post has a lot of pictures....
Chalkboards were used in various ways 
throughout the house. 

On the front door we hung a tray that we turned into a chalkboard to welcome guests. 

Eli, soon-to-be dad, made a HUGE 
chalkboard for the entryway. 
The frame was made from reclaimed barn-wood
(he has an etsy shop for reclaimed barn-wood frames).
As a surprise Leah's dad sent Crystal original fashion illustrations to be placed around the house. 
He also did the art for the invitations (more on those later).

Name tags were made from scrapbook 
and craft paper. 

Dinning area.
The Rising Sun Bistro (a local restaurant) 
let us borrow their Eiffel Tower, 
French flash cards and books.... SO awesome.
We gave chocolate mustache pops as favors and 
also had the guests use them as props for photos. 
Crystal purchased the mustache molds 
from Bake it Pretty (LOVE this site).

Umbrellas were hung down the hallway.

Food and Photo Spot

We served French Hors D'oeuvres consisting of
bread, cheese, spreads, patte, fruit and nuts. 

For dessert we offered creme brulee, 
chocolate covered strawberries and 
cupcakes in a jar (more on those later). 

Guests had the option of water, Perrier and 
Izze's (sparkling fruit juice) with custom labels.

Coffee was also served. 
Stamped cups.

LOVELY ladies enjoying food and friends.

We made a photo spot so we could take pictures 
of Leah with her friends. 
The backdrop was made from a variety of French posters, illustrations, a print from my living room and a French novel. 
We used ticky-tack to apply the items to the wall. 
It was SUPER simple and really fun.
Congratulations Eli & Leah!
Be sure to check back for MORE details.
Au revoir!!!

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  1. Ooh la la! Tres bien! Hi. I'm visiting from Tip Junkie. I love your ideas from the stamped cups to the 'stashes! How original and creative!


  2. Stopping by from Tip Tuesday. What an adorable (and chic!) baby shower. Amazing. The view from the windows is stunning. Looks like it was a fabulous shower.

  3. Caught you on Tip Junkie, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

  4. So beautiful! I love all the detailed Parisian touches! Very classy.

  5. After your sneak peek, and the feature over at Celebrations at Home, I've been looking forward to seeing more pics of this fabulous party. Wonderful styling! Congrats!

  6. What a lovely shower! I love the hanging umbrellas.

  7. This baby shower is AMAZING! I can't believe the detail you put into everything--even the cups have stamps of the Eiffel Tower! The umbrellas hanging from the ceiling are so fun. . .
    I featured your post today on my Friday Favorites. If you want, swing by and grab a featured button from Calico and Cupcakes. Have a great weekend!

  8. I loved every detail of this shower that you put together. I spotted you on Celebrations at Home, and I am featuring you on my blog this week, and linking and crediting back to you. If this is a problem, please let me know.



  9. I don't know if my comment will be appreciated, but because I am random like this... As I was looking through your beautiful pics, one made me laugh; the pic that says "P U". lol Anyways, hopefully this will put me back in your good graces, the shower was lovely. I liked all the little details you put into it. Very nice!

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