Monday, January 17, 2011

The Table of Christmas Past

My friends Jessica, Elisha and Abby came over
Christmas morning for a fun Brunch (breakfast for lunch). 

I LOVE hosting parties. 
I LOVE decorating. 
I LOVE setting pretty tables. 
I thank my mom for all of the above.  

So here's what the Christmas table looked like...
The first the pictures were taken by Abby
Jars filled with Epson salt and a candle were my fave. 

Pine-cones and yarn-poms were scattered in the middle. 

I layered a white tablecloth with burlap and a plaid flannel. 

The girls had a yummy candy cane and chocolate heart on their plate
and their initial made from Chocolate. 

Christmas table. 

So there you have it!
The Craft of Christmas Past
The Decor of Christmas Past
and finally
The Table of Christmas Past. 

Better late than never... RIGHT!???!!

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