Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Woodland Baby Shower

So EXCITED to finally share these photos with you!

Last week we through our friend Jenn an EPIC
woodland themed baby shower.
This is Jenn and Devan's 1st child and
his name is Fawkes (pronounced "fox"),
so we thought a woodland theme was fitting.
Sara and I made a tree in her living room out of brown grocery bags.
The "leaves" were circles cut from scrapbook paper.

Name tags from the same paper.

For dinner we served soup, salad and bread.

I found these PERFECT mugs to serve the soup in.
At 10 cents a piece, I think it was a pretty good deal.

Inspiration for Toadstool Salad came from one of my
FAVE blogs The City Cradle.

The drink station was SUPER fun!
Pier 1 donated the FANTASTIC FOX window decal
that we placed on the wall.

We used clothes pins to attach tea, cider and coco packets
to a large branch.

My FAVORITE straws from Garnish 
in my favorite vintage blue Bell jar. 

The DESSERT island was very yummy.
We had a "Tree of Sweets" where we hung carmel corn in cones
made from the same scrapbook paper.

Porcupine cupcakes.

Owl S'mores from Living Locurto.

S'more cupcakes placed on tree stumps
and covered by glassed domes purchased
at the thrift store for $3. 

Fawkes Food was made up of munchies that Jenn has been
enjoying while pregnant.

Everyone got some Fawkes Food
to take home as a party favor.

This may be my favorite party thrown and DEFINITELY
my favorite pictures from a party!
Thanks Kevin for letting Elisha and I borrow your camera!


  1. LOVE all this Carrie - you are amazing

  2. What a fabulous party! You did great with the theme,I especially love the tree on the wall- what a great touch:)

  3. this is a amazing!!
    where do I start? the paper bag tree, the banner, the! love the way you displayed the favors, the cupcakes on stumps, the drink station...Well Done!

  4. Great theme idea and execution! I love the tree stumps as cupcake platters! And especially how it ties in to the last name. So cute! Oh, and the hedgehog cupcakes--precious!

  5. this is too awesome. i can't even stand it.

  6. so sweet! I love the tea tree! And definitely "borrowing" the favor bag frame!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  7. Love the tree and how you used the tree stumps as a dessert table. Awesome from start to finish.

  8. Where did you get the tree stumps from?

    1. A friend cut up a fallen tree from his yard.... perks of living in Montana. Etsy might have something similar? Good luck!

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