Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's 2010

This Valentine's Day I decided a few things-
1. I was not going to babysit like I've done so many years before
2. I was content with sitting home and relaxing
3. I wanted to bake goodies and
4. I wanted to people who were babysitting to feel loved and appreciated.

On February 14th 2010, I accomplished all of the above.

Fresh Life Radio was putting on a Valentine's Soiree, so I decided I would surprise the volunteers with a yummy dessert buffet. It was super fun to bake and create this fun dessert table! I stuck with simple desserts, so i could make more and not stress :) here's how it turned out...

(this is one of my classrooms at church, the orange room. Complete with play kitchen, green canopy, toys and a heater cover)...


A white table cloth and 1 yard of fun Valentine's fabric was the base.
I have this great old window without the glass that I put fabric behind and then just hung the Valentine's day sign over it. It really looked cute!

I used waffle bowls that are usually used for ice cream to hold the puppy chow/muddy buddies/ whatever you want to call it.

I dipped the rim of the bowls in pink melting chocolate and then added some sprinkles. I think this was my favorite little touch.

Mini dark chocolate cupcakes with triple chocolate chip frosting.

Too cute!

With the left over cupcake batter I made heart shaped cakes, heated up some frosting and just poured it on top.

Side view.


Basic rice crispy treats with Valentine sprinkles.

Goody bags to take the left overs home.

And of course I had to take a picture with the table :)

Hope your Valentine's day was as SWEET as mine!

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  1. Carrie--u r one of a kind. So creative and fun to serve with! And my girls LOVE u.