Sunday, April 6, 2008

oh martha

Martha Stewart had cupcake week last week on her show and they had a contest for the cutest cupcake. obviously i entered! my cupcakes were nothing compared to some master pieces, but it was still fun know Martha may see a pic of my cupcakes and it definitely motivated me to be more creative with taste, decorations and displays. 

here is a screen shot with all 4 of my entries amongst others. the top middle are my robot cupcakes, the middle middle are my rainbow mini cupcakes, middle right are flower cupcakes from Alivia's 1st birthday (photo by the amazing Eric), and bottom right are the fish cupcakes.


  1. are those 5 stars under alivia's cupcakes?! those were so amazing, and the picture is just beautiful too...

  2. how sweet is that! you're amazing! i didn't even known they had cupcake contests...leave it to martha! haha. i miss you carrie!